How to help

Ministry Opportunities - How You Can Help Us

A. Pray for us regularly.

The most important and crucial way in which you can help us is by praying for us regularly and fervently. The Lord Jesus commanded us to pray for people who do not know Him. 

Pray that the Lord of the harvest would raise up laborers who would love and serve God by loving and serving those in need. See Matthew 9:35-38.

Pray for the protection of our brothers and sisters who labor for Him in difficult places.

Pray that the Lord would provide funds for the various ministries.

B. Give generously for the Lord's work in India. 

It takes so very little to train and send a laborer for the Lord's harvest in India. Please consider any of the following ways to give.

Sponsor a student.

Sponsor the training of a student. With a minimum gift of $30 a month, you can sponsor the training of a national Christian in the Bible College/ Seminary. The full cost of training is between $100 and $150 a month, depending on the course of study a person would undertake. We will send you information about the student you would be helping. If you wish, you may write to the student. This is an excellent way to help with the training of a national Christian leader.

Sponsor a person in the field.

Sponsor a person in the field. With a minimum gift of $50 a month, you can sponsor a person working in the field. A family in the field can be supported for as little as $100 a month.

Sponsor a child in one of our orphanages.

$50 a month will provide holistic care for a child in our childcare projects: food, education, clothing, medical care, and all other basic needs can be met with just $50 a month. Please consider helping a child. Your help will transform a child’s life forever.

Sponsor a child in one of our schools.

Support the education of a needy child in our primary or high schools. Many children who attend our schools are unable to pay the very low fees we charge. You can help a child escape poverty by helping him/her get a good education with a gift of as little as $10 a month. $25 a month will cover a child's education, school uniforms, books, annual medical checkup, and one hot meal a day. 

Sponsor a faculty or staff member.

Sponsor a faculty member or staff member in the Bible College/Seminary. A highly qualified and committed faculty member can be sponsored for $500 to $800 a month. This would be an ideal way to strengthen the Church in India as a faculty member would be training hundreds of leaders for the Church in India.

A staff member can be sponsored for $300 to $700 a month.

Build a Church.

Help build a church building. Many of our congregations are in real need of places of worship. It takes only $5,000 to $20,000 to build a church building in most places.

Set up a Memorial:

Give toward a scholarship fund in memory of someone or in honor of a loved one. With a one-time gift of $10,000 or more, you can set up a scholarship in memory of someone dear to you or in honor of a special person.

Give to the Endowment Fund.

Give toward an endowment fund. A substantial amount is needed for an endowment fund. Please give generously for this so that we can continue to train laborers for the Lord's harvest until He comes back.

Donations to this ministry can be made online using a credit card or by check via mail. You can also give by using Zelle Service offered by most US banks as a totally free service to their customers. The advantage of Zelle Service is that we will receive 100% of your gift, whereas PayPal charges 3% or so for their service. Please use our email address when using Zelle Service to give:

Please Mail Checks to:

Good News for India
P.O. Box 7576
La Verne, CA 91750

Phone: 909-593-7753

C.  Please tell others about us, invite us to your Church, link to our Website. 

Only by many working together can we effectively reach India. You can be a great help to the Lord's work by telling others about us. We NEED more committed and dedicated partners for the ministry. So, please tell other caring Christians about us and encourage them to become active partners in sharing the love of Christ with the people of India. 

1. Invite a Good News for India representative to come to your church or Christian organization. There is nothing like you and your congregation seeing and hearing firsthand about the gospel work in India.

2. Set up links to this website. This greatly helps inform other Christians of the work going on in India.

Please note: Good News for India reserves the right to use funds given to be used where needed most. If a particular need is over-subscribed, management has the freedom to use the excess funds for a similar need or where needed most.